Manage leads, opportunities, job openings and customer/candidate retention with Salesforce Recruitment CRM in a easy, fast and transparent way

TechMatrix Consulting brings to you one of the most productive tools for the recruitment industry in the form of Salesforce Recruitment CRM. It offers amazing solutions for every aspect of hiring, from onboarding a newly hired employee with the whole organization to monitoring the whole recruitment process smoothly. Our team provides you with a complete view of your customer and candidate relationships. You can measure the success of sales and marketing efforts transparently and auto-convert new business to job orders ensuring the fastest possible placements.

Our Salesforce CRM Capabilities

  • Lead Management
  • Creation of Opportunity
  • Full Tracking of Status & Progress
  • Full Coverage on Reporting
  • Instant Scope of Conversion
  • Mass Email Sending
  • Tracking of Email Performance
  • Automated Tagging of Activity
  • List Management
  • Task & Event Management
  • Manage all on One Record

Features of Our Salesforce Recruitment CRM Services

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • Lead Management

    It gives you a complete view of your leads, including activity history, customer communications, key contacts, and internal account discussions. Your team can also gain insights from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

  • Opportunity Management

    You can stay updated with how your team deals when opportunities cross their way. How they monitor product competition, stage product quotes. And stay connected with your team and other people to result in maximum deal conversions

  • Communication Management

    It helps to promote customer engagement by consolidating communication channels such as email, phone, and social media. Also, accumulate recent activity updates and use all these data to engage prospects with the right services, at the right time

  • Mobile Management

    Salesforce CRM will provide you with recruitment management facilities that can turn your mobile device into a portable office. You can log calls, respond to hot leads, check dashboards, and close the recruitment process no matter where you are.

  • Workflow & Approvals

    You can make use of CRM automation to design & automate the recruitment sector and any other processes related to it. Automation also helps to drive success with the help of flexible approval processes for candidates, appointments, and more

  • Reports & Dashboards

    This feature can turn data into actionable insight that everyone can access from anywhere. Dashboards of recruitment Salesforce CRM offer well-organized reports at a glance that are easily accessible to the team from anywhere

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Why Partner with TechMatrix for Implementation of Recruitment CRM

  • Systematic Recruitment Process

    A good recruitment process is about choosing the right person who would fit well in an organization. TechMatrix’s thoroughly designed Salesforce tool is meant to make the process of recruitment strategic at every stage. Selecting deserving candidates from the queue to be taken on-board to those to be kept in the line, everything gets systematic. Thus, the co- ordination between the human resource department and the recruitment panel is maintained impeccably well

  • Monitoring Employee by the HR

    Apart from the hiring process, our Salesforce software is meant to accomplish one more task like monitoring the level of progress of each and every employee. It also ensures whether the concerned employee can be taken into consideration and appointed on a longer run depending on his/her previous performance and records. It provides the human resource department with the much needed flexibility and control over the recruitment process.and the quality of the employee recruited

  • Prevention of Data Loss

    Salesforce Recruitment CRM offers a great control over the phenomenon of loss of important data. It provides an extremely smooth platform where your team can work peacefully without fearing whether the API will function well or they may be the cause of data being lost through a transition. The platform ensures zero data loss, 100% security, and makes things incredibly simpler to have faster & flexible access to data no matter where the team is operating from

  • Faster Recruitment Process

    Salesforce CRM is a highly integrated system that eases down things not only for the HR department, but for the candidates as well. With the platform installed onboard, the hiring managers can do their tasks with single software instead of multiple ones. They feel much relaxed and sorted about the entire hiring process. Apart from offering other facilities, it also saves a lot of time of the recruiter as well as the candidates.

  • Customized Candidate Reports

    Candidate data is the key for each and every recruitment firm. At TechMatrix Consulting, we create custom Salesforce Solution for recruitment firms so that they can generate custom reports of candidates without wasting any time. Generally, recruitment process gets tougher and rigorous as the number of candidates increases. As a globally registered Salesforce partner consulting based in India, we help recruitment agencies with recruitment CRM implementation in order to speed up the recruitment process

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