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Previously travel agencies used disparate applications and systems to check and offer travel packages. As the complexities in this process kept on increasing due to multiple modes of transport, and vehicles. it became imperative for the travel agencies to adopt high-end technological solutions to improve customer satisfaction. At TechMatrix Salesforce Consultancy, we are well acquainted with the business and technological bottlenecks in the Travel & Hospitality industry. We offer Salesforce powered solutions to our clients as per their needs and the changing demands of various travel situations. Certified Salesforce Consultants at TechMatrix Consulting are trained to offer proactive customer service through our support portals. We also ensure that your customers receive real-time updates and solution to their problems at the right time

Application of Our Salesforce CRM for the Travel/Hospitality Industry

  • Gives the independence of creating personalized messages and automated campaigns like a drip campaign on a travel itinerary
  • Keeping a record of relevant data with dashboards like email marketing, social media ads.
  • Resolving problems proactively with an elaborate understanding of travel requirements
  • Saving time of your customer service and sales team by enabling proactive reciprocation, thereby improving the user experience
  • Reducing the automation and lead nurturing time with drip campaigns and attending to customer queries with chatbots.

Benefits of TechMatrix’s Salesforce Travel/Hospitality Solution

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • Design Targeted Campaigns

    You can easily design targeted campaigns for creating a beautiful travel experience for your clients. Our Salesforce solution delivers personalized services along with digital marketing facilities across channels.

  • Offer Personalized Services

    Gift your clients with our proactive customer services that come with real-time updation of data. You can also increase your customer loyalty by proper identification and fixing of issues

  • Track Customer Feedback

    Measure the KPIs and track the customer requirements with the information collected in CRM. With our solution, you will be able to know the real expectations of your clients and cater to their needs accordingly

  • Leverage the
    power of AI

    Our solution comes with the power of built-in AI that facilitates improved prioritization of marketing. As a result, you can capture more qualified leads for lead scoring, nurturing & conversion

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Why Choose Our Salesforce for Travel/Hospitality Services

  • Best Customer

    Developing a personalized and lasting relationship with customers through CRM powered management. This includes loyalty schemes across in-store, web and mobile channels including integration of POS terminals & mobile devices.

  • OmniChannel

    Our cloud based customer support will help you give an omni-channel experience to all your clients. CRM promotes information sharing by connecting them on all channels with immense convenience

  • Customer Portal for Servicing

    The solutions designed by us provide details on self-purchase and travel booking history. This information is later used to run loyalty programs and future booking needs of the clients

  • 360 Degree
    Customer View

    Our solutions are big data based which gives a 360 degree view of customer data. So that you can create a memorable guest experience for the traveler clients

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