Discover Salesforce empowerment for banking and financial services with innovative solutions to meet the needs of the modern age clients

The advent of technology has given the banking and finance industry a major shift from its traditional landscape. TechMatrix Consulting has worked with various BFSI organizations helping them to harness the disruptive capabilities of Salesforce. These BFSI organizations are now meeting their revenue goals in an unprecedented manner and cementing their relationships with customers like never before. We understand that no two financial organizations have the same operational formats, and therefore, our consultants put infallible effort to comprehend the specific business requirements and come up with the best solutions to meet the challenges

Our Salesforce CRM Capabilities

If you are one of the rising names in BFSI, you should consider adopting cloud platforms to generate more proactive insights. You can transform your customer management system with the help of Salesforce CRM and create satisfactory results in terms of ROI

Features of Our Salesforce CRM for BFSIs

You can hire these services separately or in combination

  • Digitization

    You can now create a fast and interesting digital experience for your clients and drive effortless engagements in terms of financial transactions & goals across a wide range of devices

  • Faster Services

    You can now store all data in a centralized location and simplify the business processes. This will make accessing information a hassle-free process and deliver exceptionally faster services

  • Personalized Services

    Satisfy your global clients by giving them personalized services with our Salesforce CRM, Close more deals, streamline service requests and track new opportunities.

  • Secure Collaboration

    Implementation of Salesforce in the finance sector will help you establish a secure collaboration with your clients and streamline the client engagement process in a very systematic manner.

  • Smart Services with AI

    Serve all your clients with the benefits of AI-supported operations. Save their time, security issues and queries in a jiffy, thereby growing trustworthy relationships with them forever

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Benefits of TechMatrix's Salesforce CRM Services for BFSI

  • Building good engagement with clients
  • Give a customized, personalized journey exceeding all their expectations
  • Create a digital experience providing accessibility through a wide range of devices
  • Update clients by creating push notifications on important events
  • Get complete information on all service requests across all channels - web, social media, emails, and others.
  • Stay connected with your clients on all occasions with proactive tracking and reaching out - whenever it is needed

Unleash the Power of Salesforce with Customer Life Cycle Management

Customer Life Cycle Management is a technical framework that goes a long way in enabling BFSIs to deliver first-rate services to their clients in compliance with the legal regulatory norms. It also allows these organizations to use digital technologies to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce expenditures reasonably. At TechMatrix Consulting, we have developed a robust CLM model with the capability of empowering BFSI firms to fully harness the potential of Salesforce. Different steps in this process are –

  • Data Gathering & Client Initiation

    • Self Service Portal
    • Address Normalization
    • Address Normalization
    • Customer Identification
  • Examination of Customer Documents

    • Retrieving Missing Information
    • Reviewing Customer Information
    • Feeding Customer Information
  • Data Enrichment & Outreach

    • Outreach to Customers
    • Outreach to the Sales Team
    • Accumulating Additional Information
  • Diligent Performance

    • Entity Resolution
    • Customer Importance
    • Risk Identifying & Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction

    • Generation of Case Narrative
    • Approving Low Risk Customers
    • Downstream System Updates
  • Maintaining Relationship

    • Periodic Profile Reviews
    • Updates on Profile Reviews
    • Tracking Customer Profile
  • Off-Boarding Customers

    • Analysis of Customer Relationship
    • Analysis of Customer Relationship
    • Implementation of Off-boarding Procedures

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