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Healthcare CRM Solution Overview

Healthcare management is tedious, multi-pronged and there’s no room for errors or delays. Use ready templates to restructure all the procedures from the first point of contact by harmonizing all steps of supervision be it at the patient, healthcare partner or medical staff level.

Key Features

Patient Management
  • Capture all the interactions with the patients and forge one-to-one relationships via a single software
  • Get to know the person behind the patient by means of his or her medical history, the pattern of communication and needs with a connected experience
  • Synchronize all inquiries and appointment requests on one platform; whether the patient contacts from the front desk or inquires or reverts via an email or SMS about their next routine or follow-up visit or fills up an online form; leave no chance for a miss
  • Create a patient management cycle by automating every stage of treatment.
  • Unify valuable patient information (reports and analytics) on a mutual platform accessible to everyone involved
  • Employ a call-center for faster assistance

  • Medical Seminars & Campaign Management
  • Setup campaigns, health seminars, camps, donations and volunteering events swiftly and smoothly
  • Reach out to large numbers by distributing directed communications via emails and SMSs
  • Develop online tools for multi-channel marketing promotions and loyalty program management with emails, SMS/Text Messages, web channels and social media platforms
  • Easily manage website broadcasting, registration (RSVP) and participation tracking
  • Launch effective marketing campaigns and loyalty programs based on selected customer profile and preferences
  • Better collaboration among various teams and improved data sharing
  • Engage targeted clientele through programmed emails, SMS, Facebook and Adwords marketing.
  • Design and offer health packages and corporate contracts, etc.

  • All Partners Management
  • Make a single point of information procurement from all your external partners all over the web, starting from referral partners such as doctors, diagnostic centers and pharmacologists along with other online channels, social media networks, websites, or other traditional modes such as print, radio or TV
  • Distribute inquiries to centers and doctors to reach out to the partner
  • Intensify affiliate relationships with a connected experience from sales and enrolment, to administrative and medical support
  • Communicate through specific and personalized engagement to be bang on the target
  • Develop a guided setup to align establishments, middle partners, contributor networks and employees on an individual ecosystem.
  • Filter data for maximum benefits to all involved based on the treatment seeker’s location, needs and doctors' expertise leading to reduction of patient wait-time and faster resolution

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Collect patient data for reporting and analysis at once
  • Update the calendar by instantly informing the front-desk personnel or the doctor/assistant when an appointment is confirmed
  • Get real-time visibility of bookings and event registrations by integrating public platforms.
  • Acquire real-time visibility into marketing campaign performance and investigation and customer service levels, etc.
  • Gather insights into campaign and event performance
  • Prompt consolidation of reports and feedback
  • Keep a tab on the all activities, interactions and feedbacks for analysis and sharing

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