What is
Cloud Strategy Consulting?

Cloud Strategy Consulting is a technology that is used by companies for carrying their valuable data on the cloud. Also known as cloud-native optimization, it helps a brand to get rid of unnecessary expenditures and the requirement for reimplementation. The right Cloud Strategy Consulting Services can help an organization scale both up or down according to its ever-changing business needs.

Beneficial Components of Cloud Computing

  • One can securely get access anywhere and anytime to Cloud Technology Services such as databases, servers, software, analytics, storage, networking, application. over the Internet with the help of cloud computing.

  • Cloud Computing Services increase the productivity of companies by many folds by improving cost-savings, scalability, on-time delivery of services, improved performance, reliability, flexibility, and more.

  • Cloud Consulting is the best and successful option for replacing traditional physical servers that take up space, demands regular maintenance, and consume a lot of money by operating on a constant basis whether they're being actively utilized or not.

  • Transferring data from traditional hardware future-proof businesses by offering nearly infinite scalability, to as-needed access modes that save money and eliminate the unnecessary utilization of network.

  • Cloud-based operations also makes data geographically accessible, eliminating the need for business organizations to purchase hardware for storing & accessing data.

What Does
Techmatrix's Cloud Computing Offer?

At Techmatrix Consulting, consultants help you discover industry-leading cloud computing services. We design solutions inspired by the latest technologies and platforms. Our client testimonials stand proof to our superb business automation & increased productivity as we help them make optimum use of the cloud for data storage. Solutions devised by us offer businesses maximum scalability, geographical data dispersal, and whenever needed access modes. Our Strategic Partnerships & Platforms are Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Google Apps, and Pardot.

Leverage our experience – In Business since 2010. 600+ projects delivered. 500+ clients spread across the globe.

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TechMatrix is founded by a team of dynamic and high-spirited entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the Cloud Computing space. It has successfully contributed to running and supporting different business organizations for several years

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Why Choose Us
As Your Cloud Strategy Consulting Partner

We take a strategic approach to implementing Cloud Consulting Services.
Our methodology involves a four-step process:

  • Assessment

    This phase is more of analyzing a case, followed by planning suitable solutions, implementing the same, and checking the feasibility. During this process, technical compatibilities of a company is evaluated in line with business objectives to achieve the expected ROI.

  • Planning

    This step of Cloud Consulting is more concerned with designing, planning implementation, drawing the framework, and clearing a deployment plan in line with the pre-defined objectives of a business. Here, a clear roadmap and strategical procedures are provided.

  • Deployment

    This step is a more advanced phase as compared to the previous steps of designing Cloud Consulting Strategy. This phase basically deals with planning towards realizing the solution in reality. In simple words, this phase involves execution, migration and expansion.

  • Optimization

    Right after the implementation process is successfully done, the next phase is a very crucial stage, it's all about optimizing what works best for a given company. Here, we look for ways to introduce operational best practices and opportunities to review and improve the existing processes

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