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Application Development and Integration

With our offerings, our customers enjoy the benefits of world-class IT infrastructure, best-in-class industry solutions and the highest level of customer service. We build custom applications (Web and Mobile) on to automate business processes covering employees, customers and partners. is the leading enterprise app development platform (PaaS) for building faster, secure and scalable web and mobile applications.

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Business Process Automation

We automate complex business processes for multiple user interaction with Salesforce apps by identifying the process criteria to automatically create new records, emails, SMS, tasks and approval requests.

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Boosting Productivity

We devise business strategies that aims at integrating applications and diverse departments within an organization, automating the processes, restructuring business processes that helps increase efficiency and reduction in overall costs. Simplified business processes and improved workflows enhances your revenue opportunities, boosts competitive advantages and profits along with streamlining product development.

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Build Trusted Mobile Applications

Your entire CRM solution moves with you wherever you go. You can monitor your business at your convenience without having access to a computer. Mobile apps transform how sales and support reps work with customers.

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Transform Business with Mobile CRM

our Mobile Strategy CRM play an important role in improving client relationship much more efficient and accessible on the go. It makes the information available in real time to both users and customers without getting back to the office. Sales reps who work remotely or consultants who constantly travel can access sales information, tools and contact data without retreating back to their bases. The twofold benefit of accessing data easily and creating customer facing apps or distributed services and support is significant.
• System integration (finance/accounting, ERP etc):

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Industry Sectors We Worked For

Fill in all the blanks correctly by connecting all the constituents on one channel. Our highly-customized platforms take all entities and functions into account and make the education process a cakewalk. It gives a cohesive analysis of every interaction with students, teachers, prospects, candidates, alumni and associates. Consequently, you get to admit the right candidates and that is an imperative factor in the realm of recruiter productivity and performance.

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A breakthrough that’s being heralded as the pivot point of all processes is ‘healthcare cloud’. We have been one of the pioneers and in the past have delivered maximum results in this sector. CRM simplifies cumbersome processes while amplifying the operational efficiency of interactions between patients, payers and caregivers in addition to the providers themselves. Our health CRM solution with specified custom interfaces have directly boosted health outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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The non-profit sector works on an extremely elevated level of commitment and thus merits effortless functioning. Here, CRM plays an indispensable part in overall organizational strategies and fund accumulating schemes. It assists in maintaining and monitoring of relationships with donors and other partners through the handling of donor data via custom-made two-way communication platforms for interaction with clients, members, fund-bringers, volunteers, recipients and associates.

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Non Profit The financial services portfolio ranging from wealth management, banking, insurance or other financial bodies is as variegated as the arena itself. Consumers these days demand personal communication, hands-on information along with goal-oriented and risk free planning opportunities. We use routine yet pathbreaking passages of interaction amalgamated via social platforms, webs, emails, messages, notifications and more to meet objectives and attain maximum customer satisfaction.

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Say aloha to our Customer Success Platform that bolsters information technology to renovate every single part of the business that’s is probably slow and perhaps has become redundant in today’s time. With exceptionally ultramodern platforms you get make your whole process accurate, speedier, smarter and much more constructive. As a result, one is bestowed with swifter experiences, intelligence, 1-to-1 journeys, and meticulous control on the go. You get to stay connected and command from anywhere, anytime.

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CRM has emerged to be the backbone of all retail commerce activities. Through a distinct platform, you get to control the entire retail lifecycle from shop to buyer. Starting from petty tasks to departmental workflows, to company practices, we establish automated roadmaps that support you to identify leads, analyze personal behavioral patterns and communicate accordingly. We completely enable you to transform the way you develop, deliver services, engage the consumer, respond faster and revolutionize stratagems intermittently to be in sync with market trends.

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Everybody seems to be traveling, be it for work or pleasure or something even more substantial. New-age travelers exactly now what they want and what to expect. Thus the competition to provide the most suitable and viable transport and stay experience is so stiff. So if you want to stand out in the crowd, as a travel, hospitality or total package provider, you have to propose lucrative tailored and targeted options, give personalized support, initiate connected guest services to build a loyal relationship for return customers and overall satisfaction. And all can be made possible with advanced CRM solutions.

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