What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud deals with Improving your customer service and building stronger relations with the help of customer-focused CRM. You can manage your service better and support your employees by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and integrating operations with a wide variety of communication channels. When implemented properly in association with an expert partner, Service Cloud is a powerful tool to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Benefits of Our Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation
by TechMatrix Consultancy

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business

  • Business Automation

    Service Cloud allows you to automate the manual processes in your business. It helps in listing tasks to following up with customers, and ensuring faster and efficient responses to customers by automating job allocation to team members and more. Salesforce Service Cloud also helps you to identify gaps in your business progression, and improve response in terms of customer service interaction

  • Bridging Communication

    You can manage both personalised one-on-one relationships and customer response through chosen channel. Your customers get the fastest possible response they have always deserved like LiveChat on your website, email, text, and more. Service Cloud also gives you the capability to track customer interactions accurately for future improvisations

  • Collect & Store Data Comprehensively

    Improve case management of your business by utilizing the Service Cloud System to track and store all relevant client information. You can record current as well as old data and give detailed personalised responses to your customers. Configure your org, thereby ensuring data & metrics are visible in reports and dashboards

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Why Choose Us as your Salesforce Service Cloud Partner?

  • At Techmatrix Consulting, our consultants customize the core platform so that it fits perfectly to your business needs and help you achieve your goals
  • We also offer free of charge Service Cloud Consultation to our fresh clients, allowing them to understand the concept and its application nicely
  • You can avail advanced training for your team so that they can use the platform to the best of its capabilities.
  • Our team of expert developers use their years of experience to build custom code powered Service Cloud Solutions to make the platform comfortable from the very first operations
  • We ascertain full customer satisfaction & 100% successful track record in terms of business reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to take all our client queries and answer them to the best of our knowledge

Is Salesforce Service Cloud secure?

Salesforce Service Cloud comes with complete security and is trusted by over 150,000 businesses globally. Salesforce has integrated many security tools and top-notch procedures into each product to ensure the safety and security of its users.

Does Salesforce Service Cloud integrate with other products?

Salesforce Service Cloud can be easily integrated with different systems. Salesforce has designed all its products such as Pardot or Salesforce CPQ in a way that they seamlessly integrate. Many third party systems can also be integrated well with Service Cloud, such as Gmail integrations, New Voice Media, bespoke platforms.

Does Service Cloud work on mobile?

The Salesforce Service Cloud mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. You can create and update cases from wherever you are allowing faster interactions independent of your desk. The Service Cloud app allows users to easily do tasks without the need to be tied to a desk or any one location.

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