What is Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services is a premier cloud based solution for E-commerce platforms to create intelligent, user-friendly buying experiences across all channels - social, web, mobile and store. In addition to this, Commerce Cloud Solution also offers an edge over your competitors by creating a very strategic roadmap to excel in the field. At Techmatrix Salesforce Consultancy, we are helping the new as well as the established business giants to grow in their respective fields and maintain the pace in the competitive world of the present day.

Unique Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • Management of Product

    Capable of managing product-related aspects of businesses such as marketing, customer service, revenue.

  • Integration of Social Media

    No matter how many social media handles a business is managing, Commerce Cloud can control all the social media channels simultaneously.

  • Management of Targeted Campaigns

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a great solution for understanding, creating, and controlling paid campaigns in a very targeted manner without wasting any money.

  • Content Management

    Nowadays, good content management determines how a business is presenting itself to the world outside. Commerce Cloud is known to access huge volumes of content scattered in different places and manage it in a systematic order it in real-time

  • AI Inspired Product Recommendations

    Both consumer goods as well as E-commerce businesses get transparent presentation and visibility so that customers can sense & purchase the better product and advocate the better material for the benefit of others.

  • Price Management & One-touch Payment

    Provides a better view of distribution, sales, and pricing of products to ascertain better product placement and prevent any loss. It also saves time & effort of customers through single-click payment gateway.

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What Does Techmatrix’s Commerce Cloud
Services Offer?

We offer high-end Commerce Cloud Solutions to our clients for maintaining good quality customer functionality operations. This is a very effective solution for business portals especially E-commerce businesses to give their customers a fabulous online shopping experience. Commerce Cloud also helps in maintaining the scalability and flexibility of E-commerce portals with the help of strategic roadmaps.

Why Choose us for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services?

  • Scalable Solutions

    We offer scalable Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions that can be optimized or improved to handle the challenges and demands of a business in the best possible way. And, the most unique part of our service is that no prior strategizing is required, as we can implement the features anytime without obstacles.

  • Upgrade as Required

    Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution brings in easily implementable features frequently that are easy to be embedded onto a existing system. The feature upgrades keeps running in the background without the need to bring down the whole E-commerce site for upgradation

  • Optimized
    Marketing Tools

    We also offer high-end marketing tools along with our Commerce Cloud Solution that can be optimized for efficient marketing. This in turn ensure to improve the rates of conversion for E-commerce businesses.

  • Easy Customization

    We also confirm that our clients can generate a good customer experience in the market. This is done by implementing the Salesforce commerce cloud services to a given platform as per requirement. For example, the transaction feature can be customized in just one touch giving great customer experience to the users.

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