Salesforce IT Outsourcing is a service where a vendor takes responsibility for managing your IT operations in areas like IT service planning, management, IT evolution, managed services . Having a 10-year background in IT, TechMatrix Consultancy offers customizable IT outsourcing services to empower your business with the fastest software development and budget-friendly operations.

Features of Our IT Outsourcing

Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Top-notch infrastructure support.
  • Efficient quality and security to guarantee operational privacy
  • Migrating on-premises data to the cloud and developing new scalable cloud-based applications

Providing Supporting in All Stages

  • Promote support of applications and evolution
  • Magnify user support & system adoption via help desk services
  • Software development with fast feature delivery supported by
  • Fast decision making, managed analytics, and BI support
  • Digital crisis management, remote work monitoring, and more to use all the capabilities of IT

Implementing Digital Transformation

  • Consulting on business operations and strategize IT transformation
  • Creating an IT roadmap to introduce new business initiatives leveraging on technology for profitable business outcomes
  • Planning and implementing new platform-based solutions
  • Introducing latest technologies focusing on business value, machine learning, IoT, big data, image analysis, and blockchain.

We Offer 3 Service Option

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • Full IT Outsourcing

    Outsource your entire IT project, to achieve peace of mind, greater business performance with guaranteed increment on ROI, We also act as service integrators by looking into the management of your IT vendor ecosystem.

  • Co-Sourcing with Your Team

    Partially delegate your daily IT operations and execution the rest being taken care by your team to optimize IT operations and stability

  • Co-sourcing
    with Other Vendors

    Strengthen your IT operations by vendor outsourcing with us as a partner vendor service provider for a specific part of your IT requirement

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TechMatrix is founded by a team of dynamic and high-spirited entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the Cloud Computing space. It has successfully contributed to running and supporting different business organizations for several years

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Benefits of Our IT Outsourcing

Tailored Payment Plan

We offer custom-made pricing plans to help you choose services as much as your budget allows, and also give you the independence to adjust pricing if your requirements change during our serving.

Tracking of Results

We have a tangible KPI system that can record the increase/decrease of IT components’ ROI &TCO. We provide regular work reports, results of security, performance audits, and more. You also have constant access to our task tracking dashboard where you can access all our processes.

Importance of IT Outsourcing

Not giving proper attention to IT needs can affect your entire business – progress can slow down, and business ranking may fall behind your top competitors in some years. With timely transformations, your IT landscape can become a source of steady business growth. We help companies achieve great results on both business and IT levels at the same time

Why Choose Us

  • In Business Since 2010

  • 11 years in CRM

  • 400+ Professionals
    on Board

  • Certified Salesforce Partner

  • A Team of Certified Salesforce Developers
    & Admins

  • Industry Expertise in
    Manufacturing, Retail,
    Professional Services,
    Healthcare, Banking,

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