Get CRM database solutions implemented for your non-profit organization, all with an expert, customized touch

In today’s cloud-based business world, nonprofits deserve good Salesforce consulting. At TechMatrix Salesforce Company, we specialize in helping organizations implement CRM database solutions. We totally understand the unique business processes of nonprofits and are adept enough to configure Salesforce for your business needs to bring all the difference you have always dreamt of. In the 10-plus years we have been implementing CRM for nonprofits and have developed a deep know how on Salesforce CRM Implementation. Each of our trained consultants bring their own wealth of personal experience to provide you with matchless services in every step of the process.

Services Meant for Nonprofits

TechMatrix Consulting has been a well-known nonprofit Salesforce consulting partner for many years now. The experience that we have accumulated all these years makes us one of the best choices available in the field. Of implementing Salesforce Services. We help design the right solutions for you by offering facilities like

  • Configuration
  • Installation of Apps
  • Data Migrations
  • Automation & Website Integration
  • Creating Salesforce Communities
  • Custom Development
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Support and Training

At TechMatrix Consulting, We Help Nonprofits Implement Salesforce in Two Ways

Here’s how we can help you transform & grow your business

  • General Non-Profit Cloud Implementation

    It is an assorted and accelerated implementation service for non-profits inspired by Salesforce. General Cloud Implementation is recommended for organizations opting for Salesforce for the first time. It includes the must-have apps, configurations and support to get your business up and running faster

  • Custom Non-Profit Cloud Implementations

    This service is meant for those organizations that are required to migrate information from their existing CRM. Custom Cloud Implementation offer custom-built solutions that are truly unique to a business’s specific needs like mission, program, fundraising, operations, back office support and more

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TechMatrix is founded by a team of dynamic and high-spirited entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the Cloud Computing space. It has successfully contributed to running and supporting different business organizations for several years

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Benefits of our Salesforce Management for Non-Profits

  • Saving Time

    Nonprofit organizations always prefer to streamline their business processes in order to save valuable time of their resources as much as possible. With our Salesforce Experts optimising your organization’s operations, you can reap all the benefits of automation and speed up practices. Our team provides effective solutions to everyday problems and helps your non-profit reach goals faster with accurate results supported by tracking.

  • Increasing Efficiency

    As an expert Non-Profit Salesforce Consulting Partner, we know that every non-profit organization has its own unique needs. And, they want to manage them in the most-competitive way. Increasing efficiency & funding has always been their top priority. From education to donations, fundraising to other practices, we help you manage and measure the impact of the service you are doing in a perfect way

  • Saving Money

    Every penny is valuable for a non-profit organization and fundraising can be very challenging at times. This is why we offer our services at comparatively lesser rates. If you have just started your Salesforce journey, we are the one who can help you successfully in implementing Salesforce Solutions. So, call us today and hire a solution plan that matches your needs, budget & timeline

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