Get a unified view of prospects, students, faculties, alumni, and affiliates. Salesforce CRM Management for Education enables you to connect all information at every touchpoint

TechMatrix Consulting provides the best Salesforce CRM development and Integration services for Universities and Schools. We help educational institutions in implementing and integrating Salesforce for service, marketing, sales, and portal clouds. This in turn creates a personalized and connected experience within the organizations. From pre-recruitment, tracking records, to alumni experience for students, we are the best for Salesforce Implementation services at an unbeatable price and prudent team support.

Importance of Salesforce in the Field of Education

  • Connecting Prospects

    Education CRM is meant to support institutions in facing the recruitment and admission processes without any problem. Your organization gain complete insights, and witness increased recruiter productivity by improving brand awareness.

  • Campus Collaboration

    Foster a good bonding amongst the students and give them a seamless on-campus experience by promoting excellent collaboration. Salesforce CRM will ensure that everything stays connected and runs smoothly in your institution.

  • Monitoring Students

    Keep a complete record of student activities to helps create a transparent view of the student community. The authorities can, thus, proactively extend their services to resolve all student issues smoothly.

  • Alumni & Donor Relationship

    Salesforce CRM helps to connect the alumni body with the prospective donors. Institutes can promote fundraising, view donors, and track personalized communication across various channels like website, social media, email, and mobile in an
    easy way.

Steps in Implementing CRM Solutions for Schools/Universities

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation is done to map student journeys, budget tracking, campaign management, social marketing, personalized messaging, and more.

  • Enrollment Automation

    This feature automates the student enrolment procedure from the pre-lead to the conversion stage through the marketing & sales process

  • Budget Management

    In this step, we take care of budget management, funding, budget tracking. and also send project updates to sponsors.

  • Loan Management

    Managing loan applications either from internal financiers or 3rd party partners for loan approvals.

  • Student Persona

    Deriving every detail about a student, from persona to his/her old records by aggregating data from different systems

  • Reports

    Use of well-sorted reports and dashboards for systematic distribution of student data. This gives better understanding to authorities and promotes engagement

  • Fund Raising

    Organizing fundraising initiatives within the campus and using custom external portals for supporting fund raising events and donation collection

  • Alumni Portals

    Creating well-formed Alumni Portals to engage and collaborate with alumni through newsletters, online forums, discussion boards, ideas, donations.

  • System Integrations

    Integrating systems with on- premise and cloud applications using various technically advanced tools along with error handling.

  • Large Data Migration

    Large Data Migration or content migration

  • Manage Affiliations

    Manage Institutional Affiliations through an institutional portal, and connecting students & applicants to these institutions for promoting interpersonal relationships and gaining affiliations

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Benefits of Our Salesforce CRM for Education Industry

  • Information about all Stakeholders

    Salesforce Education Cloud consolidates all valuable stakeholders’ interactions like prospective students, present students, donors, alumni & affiliates in one platform. It centralizes all relevant information from different sources using different modern age devices and cloud technology.

  • Student Support

    Our specially designed customized solutions enable schools and universities to accomplish student engagement, deliver unified advising, streamline services, and unlock access to different careers. They can also know about student personas & engage them on their preferred device.

  • Simplifying Recruitment

    The entire data of the recruitment process is consolidated and stored in one place. The use of cloud facility in the process of recruitment & admission help organizations in delivering relevant and good outreach to the able students

  • Well-established Communications

    Sending timely messages to stakeholders, students, faculties, and prospects result in engaging outcomes. Education cloud empower institutions and streamlines operations for students & teams across a campus.

  • Relationship Building

    You can keep track of your students, faculties, alumni, donors with the help of education cloud and engage & nurture them. It also helps in driving major grants & online fundraising, customized engagement, enhanced reporting with AI & nurture relations.

  • Collaboration in Campus

    There are so many different departments in schools & universities that need to work together to make everything run smoothly. Salesforce Education Cloud provides a smooth experience to the students as all departments are connected, engaged and collaborative

Profitable Outcomes of Education Cloud

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