Catch up to the demands of today’s Healthcare IT landscape with fast & scalable solutions

At TechMatrix Consulting, we offer expert consulting solutions for all your critical healthcare IT needs. Medical breakthroughs, disruption, innovation have changed the healthcare industry dramatically. We have a certified team of Salesforce Consultants and unique delivery model to support clinical, financial, and operational needs of your Healthcare Organization. Healthcare Providers, Payers and Life Sciences Organizations, all can balance the constant tension by availing our latest advancements with the simultaneous benefit of minimizing cost.

Areas of Our Healthcare IT Services

You can hire these services separately or in combination

  • Healthcare IT Support

    • Administration & maintenance of Healthcare IT infrastructure
    • Maintaining security and compliance of IT infrastructure (e.g., with HIPAA).
    • Help desk management for healthcare IT applications and infrastructure.
    • Monitoring applications that come to the hospital (e.g., EHR, HIE), networks, and LOMT infrastructures
  • Managed IT Services

    • Testing security and compliance of IT infrastructure and its components e.g security audit, compliance testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and more
    • Cloud usage optimization
    • Evolution and monitoring of healthcare IT infrastructure
    • Enhancement, optimization, performance management and evolution of medical applications.
  • IT Consulting & Assessment

    • Assessment of the current performance strength of the IT environment
    • Strategizing IT environment optimization steps, execute digitization projects against minimum costs and maximum beneficial outcomes
    • Compliance check of IT environment (e.g., HIPAA and HITECH compliance assessment)
    • Diagnosing vulnerabilities and gaps in the IT environment and offering technical solutions to cover them
  • Cloud Migration

    • Implementing a HIPAA-compliant cloud
    • Designing cost-efficient cloud migration strategy
    • Migration by step-by-step approach so that no data loss occurs
    • Migration to server, data warehouse, desktop and more
  • Modernization of IT

    • Integration of Healthcare applications (EHR, medical imaging software, practice management software.)
    • Consolidation of scattered in-house data and patient data
    • Ensuring maximum security safeguards like network protection, application security, HIPAA compliance, data access controls, and more
    • Documentation of previous healthcare applications through recoding, reengineering, containerization.
  • Analytics & Performance Management

    • Patient outcome analysis to identify patterns in patient outcomes and create treatment plans accordingly
    • Evaluation of performance and efficiency of internal processes like equipment utilization, bed allocation
    • Analyzing finance management like expenses, expected cash flow, outstanding payments
    • Analyzing patient generated health data like glucose, bodyweight & temperature, blood pressure.
  • Initiatives for Digital Health

    • Conceptualization of healthcare initiatives based on an organization’s objectives and needs
    • Development of digital health solutions like remote patient monitoring, telemedicine apps, digital therapeutics, chronic disease management software
    • Patient software support and evolution

Areas of Our Healthcare IT Services

  • Providers

    Providers mainly focus on improving patient care, coordination and value in terms of data quality and the patient journey. We can deliver increasingly private and targeted care in healthcare industry that is facing many challenges like changing delivery & payment models, increased competition, and the need to maximize the ROI on technology used

  • Payer

    Payers face many obstacles trying to engage clients and optimizing agent workflows. Payers want to solve problems related to poor visibility, data tracking, inefficient workflows, captive agents, improving coordination and disconnected member touch points. We can address all these problems through meaningful integrations of Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud and the right governance.

  • Biotech and Pharma

    We stand by your goal of bringing innovative medicines to the market to help people live healthier, longer and happier lives. Many Biotech and Pharma companies thrive in a regulated complex ecosystem without being able to contribute as they want. With the help of our partnership these industries can provide satisfactory services and get good return on investment

  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices are necessary for improving patients’ lives. Different devices and sophisticated instruments are designed to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate diseases, or compensate for injury or disability. In the tenure of 13 years, Techmatrix has been successfully helping Biotech and Pharma companies in their initiatives.

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