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TechMatrix Consulting is one of the largest independent Salesforce Partners, and a leading customer-centric Consulting Firm based in Singapore(HQ), with offices across India and US. We have been providing reliable solutions to our clients since 2010, and in this tenure, we have successfully delivered many projects with a more personal and nimble approach unlike other traditional consulting firms. Our top priority is to help you tackle your biggest challenges and turn your vision into reality. We have worked with more than 500 customers and have included a team of over 250 certified professionals engaged in different projects across continents. With Techmatrix Consulting, it is never just about the project at hand, it’s about building trust and enabling our customer’s long-term benefits. We take utmost care in understanding what you want, involving your people in implementation and support, and share our skills every step of the way to ensure complete success.


Offer the best quality service and solutions to our customers. Be a strategic partner for each customer based on value and trust focusing on customer success


To a reliable accomplice for individuals and businesses seeking transformation through innovative Salesforce solutions and to empower ourselves and our clients.

The TechMatrix 4 Cs


We believe that cooperative communication between implementation partner and the client is mandatory for understanding the desires of the customers clearly. Our well-trained Salesforce Experts create a dialogue with the potential customers based on their needs and company processes. By interacting with various teams and listening to individual business departments, we have effectively provided the best of services since our inception.


In this era of interconnectivity and fast paced networks, consumers are not required to step outside the comfort of their houses to buy a product or hire any type of services. We, as one of the industry leaders, ensure that our clients can bridge the gap between their requirements and Salesforce solutions effortlessly with our services. We offer conveniences that ease the selling of a product by our client, being founded, deriving information about products, and many other factors!


By price, we mean only a part of the total cost to acquire a product or service. The total cost is actually an elaborate calculation considering the cost of time, resources, designing, implementation and much more. Many factors affect cost, including the customer’s demand to make changes, customisations or not selecting an already designed basic product or service offering. Taking in account all these factors, we determine what the customer’s actual requirement is. And based upon that, we design strategies to deliver a differentiated service at the best possible rate.

Customer Value

At Techmatrix Consulting, we place the utmost value on our customers’ feedback, as it is ultimately them who establish and preserve our brand reputation. Our Salesforce Experts apply smart technical know-how to deliver to our clients what they specifically want, and that which would hold value for their business. The products & solutions designed by us are of utmost importance to us. We toil day and night to gain a customer’s confidence & trust, which is the actual lifetime value for a brand.

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